Global Village

The Global Village is the whole world brought together through the use of technology. Think of it as the world being made up of many villages, a term which can represent countries, cities, towns and actual villages. So using modern technology we bring everybody together. This is technology in every field including transportation, communication, economics, among others.

To be able to do so we need to create a network of sort to connect people. Enter the internet. The internet is a global computer network that facilitates data and information exchange within the network using standardized communication protocols. With an internet connection, which connects people from every corner of the world, we are able to make the world a much smaller place.

We make it a smaller place not in the literal or physical sense but in the virtual sense. In today's world, the internet is available in homes, offices, vehicles, hotels, airports, marine vessels, aircrafts and basically in every facet of our lives.

A major modern use of the internet is the social media, that comprises social applications like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Skype, Snapchat among others. Facebook allows everybody to feel important, everyone is a celebrity in their own right on facebook. Most of your friends on facebook would know you in person. Instagram and twitter are ruled by celebrities, with many of them raking in millions of followers and millions of dollars as a result.

LinkedIn is where professionals meet and business networks are created. Here is where you get to see peoples impressive resumes and accomplishments. Reddit is full of fun and amazing stories and if you have never been on reddit, you are totally missing out. These social media tools have brought people that much more closer than ever before with the sharing of articles, photos and videos. A major concern about social media is the use of personal data or privacy issues.

Facebook has been in the media alot recently concerning whether they have enabled abuse of the personal data of their users. The abuse entails claims about user data being easily accessible to targeted marketing and data mining firms and whether Facebook influenced the United States presidential elections of 2016 by enabling Cambridge Analytica access to user's personal data.

Cambridge Analytica accessed user's personal data through an app that once users installed, was able to access their personal information and the personal information of all the people that they were friends with. The app was also able to know all the things that they liked on Facebook.

More people than ever before are accessing their news through social media. Others have been able to find jobs through social media, while others have created jobs through the same. Every major and serious company in the world now has a social media department that puts its brand out there and that updates their social media regularly to keep their customers and fans engaged.

Virtual reality, which is an interactive computer generated experience, is quickly becoming a phenomenon and will most definitely define how people interact in the coming years. Artificial intelligence, which is intelligence that appears to be possessed by machines, will also help in reducing the bridge between people. Artificial intelligence or AI in short will enable machines to learn from experience and adjust accordingly to new inputs.

This brings to question whether as human beings we should be concerned about the safety of AI in the future, with regards to machines going rogue and taking over all the operations of the world. A good movie that has portrayed this concept is the "Eagle Eye", where a computer goes rogue and takes over all the digital operations of the world. As long as there is a digital connection, the computer system is able to see and listen to everything and everyone and to manipulate all the digital systems on earth, watch the movie if you haven't.

Examples of AI include the likes of Apple's Siri, Amazon's Alexa and Google's Assistant. All these three examples are fighting each other, not in the literal sense, to be the best voice interactive operating systems.

Holograms are three dimensional images formed by the interference of light beams from a laser or any other consistent light source, and whose study is called Holography. This is also a promising field to watch out for when it comes to communication. A hologram may also be defined as a physical structure that causes the diffraction of light into an image.

All these forms of technologies are looking to bridge the gap between communities and countries by adjusting the effects of time and space. If we are able to make new discoveries that resolve time and space restrictions then telepathy, telekinesis and such like concepts will be the norm in our day to day lives.

The possibility moving back in time and into the future remains ever so intriguing. This would present a global village not just in the sense of now, today but a global villlage that connects different dimensions of the existence of mankind and brings different civilizations together.

A good movie that portrays the concepts of moving in space and time is "Deja Vu" starring Denzel Washington. Denzel gets to travel back in time and prevent a bomb from exploding on a ferry full of passengers. Mind you in the current time, the bomb has already exploded and Denzel is an ATF agent working together with other law enforcement agents to try and solve this crime.

Denzel gets to travel back in time after he discovered a team of scientists and nerds who have created an application that can look into the past from the present. The team of scientists were trying to help Denzel and other law enfocement guys solve the crime by showing them footage from the ferry explosion but Denzels character was too smart and he noticed that people from the footage could sense that they were watching them. Now this is a footage from afew days ago, so you can imagine. You should watch it if you are a science nerd coz it's cool!

Well, this section of Bikesh website will be getting updated continuosly with articles that are global in nature and with issues affecting every corner of the globe. Stay tuned!

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