2018-03-13-Eunice Njeri: Wishing My Lovely Sister Mukami A Very Happy Birthday!

Eunice Njeri: Wishing My Lovely Sister Mukami A Very Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, 13th March 2018 2:55 PM EAT

A List of Ten Kellywood Celebs Richest and Wealthiest Vibes

1 Kellywood Celebrity Latest, Hottest and Breaking News Eunice Njeri is seen here together with her two sisters, out and about celebrating in Kellywood.

2 Kellywood Celebrity Fabulous Lifestyle They are celebrating the birthday of Mukami, and that is the one wearing a floral printed dress to the right of the photo and who just turned 18 years old. The other sister wearing similar fashions to Eunice is in her Oka Oka video just incase she seems familiar to you.

3 Kellywood Celebrity React to Our Comedians Jokes Today's jokes have been left to one comedian Eunice Njeri who says, "Kula kdf moja utosheke cake niza watoto! MAY God increase you in all you do. May you leave to worship Him in Jesus name Amen! Amen to that and Eunice is funny. Bikesh people are in stitches and we also wish her a happy 18th birthday!

4 Kellywood Celebrity Fame and Fortune Causing Careers Eunice Njeri is a Kellywood celebrity. She is a well known, pioneering, seasoned and established gospel musician with several albums and chart topping singles to her name. She has been consistent over the past several years that she has been a musician in the Kellywood industry, releasing one hit song after another. Some of her hit singles include the likes of "Yesu Umeniweza", "Naona Macho", "My All" and "Nimempata Rafiki". She has seen her career move through the good times and the otherwise challenging times. Some of the good times have seen her being nominated for numerous awards and even winning, like the ever popular and ever growing Groove Awards. This awards has changed over time and now it engages the Kellywood fans by giving them full and total control over who wins in any given category by voting for their favourite star. This move is a game changer and now we are keenly observing to see if the guys who were constantly winning awards to a point of not even submitting their names, will continue winning. They were dominating so much that even they themselves said that they wanted to leave the spot for up and coming artists. Well now it is not necessarily how many fans you have but how many of them decide to vote for you and how much effort you put into mobilising your fans into action to vote for you. All the same, back to Eunice Njeri, some other good time event is that she has also had opportunities to minister abroad like in Canada and the United States of America. Some of the low moments in her career include a point in time when she was involved in a dangerous road accident, when the car in which they were driving in which was a Prado, rolled over several times and she came out of this ordeal unscathed. The other incident which rattled her career was her experience when she decided to get married to Izzo in the United States of America. Apparently it seems that she did not do her homework well because when a Kellywood musician decides to relocate abroad, they forfeit their kellywood career and have to start all over in the new country that thay are relocating to. They can continue being musicians as some have done, but there is most definitely a change and they will have to adapt. We do not think that Eunice had thought this through and when she did, she opted to return to Kellywood.

5 Kellywood Celebrity Swagger, Fads And Popular Culture The Swagger by Eunice and her sisters is called we are family kinda swagger. You can tell it's a closely knit family just from the way they have huddled together. Eunice appears relaxed lakini huyo mwingine ameshikiliwa mkono anataka kuhepa kwenda wapi, ama ni yeye anaendea KDF? Eunice mshikilie hivo tu, angoje picha ipigwe kwanza!

6 Kellywood Celebrity Hairstyle Trends, Beauty Secrets and Makeup Tips The birthday girl has shoulder length straight hair, Eunice Njeri has shoulder length curly hair while the other sister also has shoulder length hair but tied in a pony tail at the back and shaved at the sides. They appear to be having some light makeup on.

7 Kellywood Celebrity Real Name and Estimated Age Eunice Njeri's real name is as herself and we are guessing that she is 28 years old. The birthday girl is Mukami and she just turned 18 years old and we are guessing the third sister is 25 years old.

8 Kellywood Celebrity Fashion Trends, Styles and Red Carpet Looks Eunice Njeri is wearing a long sleeved black dress and black heels and has accessorized with a necklace. Her sister wearing a similar long sleeved black dress has burgundy heels and has accessorized with a similar looking necklace. The birthday girl Mukami is wearing a short sleeved, floral pattern, gilded black dress and gilded shoes to match. She has accessorized with a gilded bracelet.

9 Kellywood Celebrity Weddings, Couples, Dating, Girlfriends, Boyfriends, Marriages and Other Relationships Well well well, wouldn't you wanna know. Mafisi Sacco members back off! These Kellywood ladies are single and ready to mingle unless otherwise stated by them. Eunice Njeri is single after separating from rapper Izzo after their marriage in the United States of America was annulled, meaning they got to be husband and wife but the marriage was never consumated as we had mentioned earlier in this article. Moving on, hapa tunangoja KDF tatu, sorry wedding cakes tatu wasee! Mafisi Sacco wametukasirikia...

10 Kellywood Celebrity Paparazzi Eunice Njeri (Photo Credits, Courtesy), (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter), (Other Social Media and Other Media Platforms)

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